A Letter to the New Mom

So, try to focus on the good more than the bad. I know that is easier said than done, but try. Because I promise that these times won't last. Revel in your little one's coos and giggles. Enjoy your baby's first smile and the feeling of their little hand wrapped around yours. Memorize it all. Take pictures. Record videos. Save it all to your memories. Because you will wake up one day and realize how much time has passed so quickly. And I promise that you will miss those early days. Despite the screams, the cries, and all of the bad days, you will miss it all.

Raising Little Boys

I can already see his curiosity and adventurous spirit growing. I love watching him search out new things and enjoy watching his eyes widen in wonder as he takes in the world. He is already so brave and I hope to foster that courage as he grows. He is already teaching me to appreciate the little things around us. He has pushed my limits as a mother, testing my own courage and bravery. He's encouraged me to be more adventurous myself and wonder at the life we live.

Weathering the Storm

Storms may seem insurmountable. It may seem that the dark times are never going to end. But just wait it out. Weather the storm. And the sun will shine again.

Happy Mother’s Day

I cherish the day I became Mom. I cherish all the days and nights that have followed. I cherish every good moment, bad moment, and all the moments in between. I cherish the memories made, the laughter shared, and the love we have for one another. I cherish the last ten months and the many, many years to come. I cherish it all.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

We spent breakfast surrounded around a table, enjoying each other's company, and devouring delicious treats. It was a morning full of good food and great memories. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the mothers in our little family.

Grow Your Own

We have tried time and again to grow little gardens. We've never had the area to really invest in these projects so they've never gone according to plan. Now that we live out in the country, we decided to really put some effort in this year.

Sleep Training

When our son was first born he slept well, like a baby. He was sleeping six to eight hours right out the gate. It was amazing and we didn't appreciate what we had until it was gone. That period of restfulness lasted for about the first two months. And then he got sick. When he was sick he would only sleep in my arms for four days straight. We thought once he got over his illness that he would go back to sleeping through the night. But we were wrong. So very, very wrong.

On My Nightstand

As you all know, I love to read! I always have an ever-growing stack of books on my nightstand. Now that I've started listening to audio-books too, the list just keeps on growing. So, I thought I'd share a few of my current picks. Feel free to read along!

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