Raising Little Boys

My husband and I both come from pretty large, blended families. There a lot of little ones running around in our lives. Most of those little ones are boys. So, when we found out we were adding another little boy to our clan, we were excited. Once we announced that it was a boy, we started to be flooded with advice. Many of our family members had little boys so they had so many stories to share and advice to give.

We were warned time and again that raising little boys was a challenge. We were told stories of broken bones, fart jokes, and dirty, sticky hands. People joked a lot about being peed on and how to best create a “peepee teepee”. The amount of scary and nasty stories we heard were overwhelming.

But, they were not wrong. It’s only been ten months but I am already starting to see how true this is. My little one has recently become mobile and he gets into everything! He has already fallen and hit his head more times than I can count. He thinks that fart noises are the funniest sound in the world and he’s always covered in something sticky and unidentifiable. I’ve been peed on countless times and my son thinks it’s hilarious. I have now perfected my changing routine and can change a diaper faster than anyone I know. He is certainly a little boy.

However, while everyone told us countless horror stories, nobody told us how wonderful it was to raise a little boy. I can already see his curiosity and adventurous spirit growing. I love watching him search out new things and enjoy watching his eyes widen in wonder as he takes in the world. He is already so brave and I hope to foster that courage as he grows. He is already teaching me to appreciate the little things around us. He has pushed my limits as a mother, testing my own courage and bravery. He’s encouraged me to be more adventurous myself and wonder at the life we live.

Raising a boy is a challenge. There will be many times that you will feel tested. There will be countless scraped knees, bumped heads, and maybe even some broken bones. But, there will also be many times that you feel wonder and amazement. There will be countless adventures, games, and fun times to be had. Raising a little boy will awaken your mind, body, and soul. Raising a little boy will make you brave, make you strong, and more than anything, make you love deeper than you ever have before.

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