The Power of Talking

I went to my first therapy session today.

Therapy is something I have been debating doing for a long time now. I’ve been through a lot in my short life and I felt like I needed an outlet for it. For years, I’ve postponed doing it. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was fear of what I’d find out. Maybe I didn’t want to admit I was struggling. Maybe I didn’t want to recognize my weaknesses.

Whatever the reason, I have finally conquered my hesitation and took the plunge today. And I have to say it went well. I was amazed by how easily the words came for me. I was astonished at the things I revealed right from the get-go. And I couldn’t believe how much we had discussed in just one short hour.

It felt great to talk about all the things I had kept bottled up for so long. To talk to someone unbiased and without a stake in the conversation was relieving. It was interesting to hear another person’s perspective that was not clouded by my past.

More than anything, she assigned me some homework. She wanted me to really think about what I wanted out of therapy. She asked me to come up with some goals/objectives for what I hoped to achieve by the end of this. This really got me thinking about my personal needs.

I think that I want to be able to have some hard conversations with people I love. I think that I want to tackle my minor anxiety and OCD tendencies. And I want to learn better ways to manage my emotions and to communicate them.

All in all, I had a great experience in that little room. Sitting on that couch and talking about my past, present, and future revealed much I didn’t know about myself and the people around me.

So, I will go back in two weeks and continue to talk. Because sometimes all we need is for someone to listen.

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