Nobody Told Me

Breastfeeding is hard. Nobody talks about how hard it’s going to be. People warned me that it might hurt in the beginning and it definitely did. But nobody told me about the rest of it.

Nobody warned me that I would tire of having my baby constantly attached to my body.

Nobody told me that that breastfeeding requires constant monitoring of what I eat and drink.

Nobody warned me that trying to get my pre-baby body back would effect my supply.

Nobody told me that going back to work would make breastfeeding so much harder.

Nobody warned me that pumping wasn’t the same as breastfeeding.

Nobody told me that pumping would effect my career.

Nobody warned me that I would struggle to maintain my supply.

Nobody told me that my supply would fluctuate up and down with every change in my life.

Nobody warned me that I would question every decision I make and how it would effect breastfeeding my son.

And nobody told me that breastfeeding would make me feel like a cow.

But nobody told me how amazing breastfeeding could be too.

Nobody talks about the bond and the connection you will feel with your baby.

Nobody tells you about how it feels to know you are the only thing giving your child life.

Nobody talks about how good it feels knowing you’re giving your little one the best possible source of nutrition.

And nobody warns you about the delirious love you will feel when its 2am, you’re feeding your baby, and it feels like you two are the only ones awake in the whole wide world.

Nobody told me.

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