Box of Letters

On our wedding day, my husband and I decided to create a time capsule of sorts. We decided to mark the day by creating a box of letters for us to look back on and celebrate. The intention of the box was simple – we would include things that reminded us of this special day to look at down the road. Here is a list of what we decided to include:

  • My handwritten vows to my husband
  • My husband’s handwritten vows to me
  • A letter to my husband that I wrote while getting ready for our wedding
  • A letter from my husband that he wrote right before the ceremony
  • Letters of advice from our mothers
  • A small bottle of wine to share
  • My husband’s boutonniere

We thought these items would be the perfect way to encapsulate our wedding day. During our ceremony, we placed all of these items in our little homemade box and locked it. We would wait until our five year wedding anniversary to open the box or if we hit a significant hardship in our marriage and needed to be reminded of our love – whichever came first.


Thankfully, we have not had an occasion to open our box in the last five years. While we’ve had our hardships, neither of us have ever questioned our marriage. So for our five year anniversary, we pulled out the key and unlocked the box.

We reminisced over the letters before dinner tonight. We laughed at the inside jokes we forgot we had. We sighed at the love that poured out of our vows. We smiled at the advice our mothers gave us. We sipped wine and remembered how it felt on our wedding day, fresh and full of love.

And then we talked about if we wanted to continue this tradition. I mentioned writing new letters and locking it until our ten year anniversary. However, my husband loved the time spent we spent going through it all that he suggested we do it every year. So, that’s what we’re doing. We will sit down and write new letters. Letters about the love we feel for each other after five years of marriage, the ways we have grown, and where we hope to be next year.

And on April 27, 2019 – we will sit down and read new letters full of love and laughter and talk about how far we’ve come in the past year.

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