First Words

Baby’s first words are such a big deal. People try to tell you it isn’t – they don’t even know what they’re saying, da-da is just easier to say, etc., etc. All that is fine and good, but when it comes to our children, our thinking is not always rational.

I knew going into this that my son would probably say da-da before he said ma-ma. Those syllables are easier for a baby to pronounce. My son spends his days with his daddy and loves him deeply. For these reasons and more, I knew that the likelihood of him saying ma-ma first was low.

And yet. The irrational, loving side of me – the momma side of me – wanted him to say ma-ma first. I wanted it so badly. I hoped for it. I encouraged it. I can’t tell you how much time was spent holding him in my lap, saying ma-ma over and over again to a giggling little boy.

But despite my best efforts, my son’s first word was not ma-ma. It was da-da of course. And he says it constantly. I love watching my son grow and the excitement of him saying his first word was unsurpassed. But the selfish side of me still wanted it to be ma-ma.

Following his first word, I thought his next word would surely be ma-ma. Again, I wanted it. Again, I hoped for it. And again, I encouraged it. But the next word out of my little boy’s mouth was yeah. And hi followed shortly after that.

My boy is amazing. He’s got three words down at a very young age and I couldn’t be more proud of his development. But I still want. I still wish. I still hope. And I still encourage. And I wait to see when that beautiful word ma-ma will cross his lips.

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