Picky Pickings

I am a picky eater. Always have been, probably always will be. However, my husband is not. He was raised to love all kinds of food and this has been a major adjustment for me. It has been frustrating for him, loving all foods, while I refuse to try them.

Over the years, he has tried many times to get me to branch out. I have tried a plethora of food for him. I have tried sushi, Korean food, Japanese food, Chinese food, Thai food, Indian food, etc. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. He has had some wins. I have come to love Mexican food and I enjoy some Thai food and Chinese food. Other than that though, he has continued to strike out.

His favorite food is seafood and so this has been a challenge of his. I am not opposed to all seafood. I love salmon, clam strips, and calamari. Fried clam and squid is farther than most people will go! However, I haven’t branched out much farther than that. Until we moved to the East Coast. Being from Virginia, my husband is a true East Coaster. He loves all seafood and was convinced I would to.

Since we’ve moved here, I have participated in an East Coast tradition – a crab picking. A crab picking is when you get a bushel of crabs, place them on a table, and go to town – cracking them and eating the meat. While I did not like how much work getting the meat out was, I do have to say I do like crab. Additionally, I really enjoyed this East Coast tradition. It fostered not only a love for food, but also for family, as we all sat around enjoying the food and conversation.

It didn’t stop there! My husband has also taken me out to seafood restaurants and convinced me to try lobster, shrimp, and mussels. I can say I was not a fan of the shrimp, but the rest was delicious. Marrying my husband has been a great lesson for me. He has taught me to open up and embrace his past and his passions. Without him I would have never developed a love for guacamole, spicy ramen, egg rolls, and now blue crabs and mussels, just to name a few. While it can be scary to open yourself up to new experiences, you’d be surprised what you learn about yourself along the way.

I hope to encourage my husband’s love of food in my son. I want him to inherent his father’s bravery and sense of adventure. I want him to take in other cultures and the amazing food they all have to offer. I hope he grows to embrace and love it all. I hope he ends up just like his father.

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