Put In The Work

Juggling it all can be hard sometimes. Between working full-time, going to school full-time, and raising my baby boy, it can be difficult to find time for it all. It’s really a struggle to find time for myself.

I’ve recently started trying to get back in shape. I’ve been eating healthier and trying to hit the gym as often as I can. Today on the way home from work, I planned on stopping by the gym to break a sweat. But after working all day, going to my doctor’s appointment, and then driving two hours home stuck in traffic – I was over it. I didn’t feel like going to the gym, just another stop along the way.

So I headed home. But by the time I got home, I was starting to feel guilty. I’m the type of person who if I skip a day, then I skip another day, and another day. Then, next thing I know I’m back at the start – feeling bad about myself, sluggish, and bloated. So I thought – why do I need the gym? I can just work out right here at home!

And then my son started to cry. He wanted my attention and he wanted to play. I sighed as I thought that working out was out of the question. I picked up my son, tossed him in the air, and as he giggled I realized – I could do both. I would turn my workout into play time. I’d seen the fitness women online do it. Why couldn’t I?

So I did lunges and squats with my little twenty-pound weight and he laughed and laughed as he went up and down and back again. Then I did push-ups and planks over him and I kissed him every time our faces met. He smiled, giggled, and tried to pull my ponytail. Finally, I did some sit-ups while he straddled my stomach. As I sat up, I tickled him and he tried to catch me on my way down. It was a short little workout but it did the job. I broke a little sweat and my son had a blast! The best of both worlds!

Sometimes we think its all or nothing. Sometimes we think we can’t have time for ourselves and make time for our babies. And sometimes, that may be true. But sometimes, it just takes a little wrangling, a little scheduling, and a little motivation. Sometimes we just have to put in the work.

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