The Next Season

Today was a beautiful day. It was sunny and bright and did I mention 80° degrees out? I don’t think this is the official start of warm weather around here. I have a feeling we’ll have plenty more rainy days, 40° days, and cloudy days to come. I won’t put my jackets away quite yet. But it was a wonderful hint of the season to come.

I put on a tank top this morning. We rolled down the windows in our truck while we drove around town. I dug my sunglasses out from the bottom of my bag. So many signs of wonderful things in store for us.

As we drove around with the windows down, breeze flowing in, and sun on our faces, I started thinking. I started thinking of what this next season of life holds for us. I look forward to summer and the exciting moments to come. This next season holds sunny days playing in the yard with my son. It holds my son’s first trip to the beach and seeing the wonderment in his eyes as he takes in the ocean for the first time or feels the sand on his toes. It holds my boy’s first taste of ice cream in all its sweetness. This next season will hold my baby’s first steps and his first birthday. Two markers of the time that has passed and the growth he has made in such a short, short time. Man has it really been almost a year already?

This next season of our lives will be one of adventure. As we transition into toddlerhood and summer days, I can’t help but smile in anticipation. While I will surely miss these baby days, I await the excitement and wonderment of a child ready to explore. I cannot wait to watch him take in the world during one of my favorite times of year. I anticipate many fun times had and happy memories made this summer.

So while today may have been a fluke in our current rainy season, it is surely a sign of what’s to come. And I can’t wait.

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