My Booty

My husband and I have changed through the years. Like any healthy relationship, we’ve grown and adapted with the twists and turns that life has thrown our way. We’ve been through a lot and have taken it all in stride. But our marriage looks nothing like it did when we were young and newly in love.

Life gets busy and things fall to the wayside. With the recent addition of our first child, our marriage is one of those things. Our relationship has fallen to the back burner while we’ve adjusted to this new way of life.

But the years, the challenges, and the triumphs have shown me so many new sides of my husband. I’ve seen him conquer job changes, multiple moves, family struggles, and more. I’ve watched his confidence and respect for himself deepen. I’ve seen his love of family and friends blossom and grow. I’ve seen him struggle, I’ve seen him cry, I’ve seen him laugh, and I’ve seen him smile.

Watching him become a dad has been an even greater treasure. Watching your loved one take on this new role shows so much more of who they are and who they will become. I’ve seen his patience and compassion through how he handles the struggles of parenthood. I’ve seen his childlike wonder come out when he plays with our son. I’ve seen a whole new level of love and kindness for our son and for me. Becoming a father has made him a better man, a kinder man, a loving man. I love him more and more every day and appreciate the man he has become.

With all these changes and growth, I look at him and I see a completely different man than the one I met seven years ago. I fell in love with my husband years ago because he could make me smile and make me laugh. Boy, could he make me laugh. We spent our days having fun, learning about each other, and reveling in one another’s joy. Those days of laughter are the highlights of my memories. But to be completely honest, those days don’t always pepper my present. We don’t always spend our days laughing anymore. But from time to time, I get a glimpse of the young man I fell in love with.

When I sat down to write this blog post today, I hit some writer’s block. I was struggling with a topic to talk about. I jokingly asked my husband, “Can you write my blog post tonight?” He snatched my laptop off the couch and started ferociously typing away. I tried to peer at what he was writing, but he kept the screen hidden. He smirked at me and I laughed. “What are you writing?”, I asked. He simply smiled and typed some more. He grinned at me as he handed me my computer. I quickly read what he had typed and burst with laughter.

My husband has always known how to make me laugh. He knows how to break the tension, relieve my stress, and helps me lighten my load. It reassures me that after all these years, he still knows just what to do to make my day brighter. I love that after seven years, we can still laugh, giggle, and have fun together. And I love that after all this time, I still love him so much more each and every day.

Below is my husband’s “blog post” for your entertainment. I hope it makes you laugh like it did for me.

My booty is the best. My husband loves it and I should show it to him more. It’s like really nice. Ya’ll should see it…like I’m not even playing. But you can’t see it because it only belongs to my husband. Who bt dub (BTW in case you were wondering) is the best person ever. And he can always take as long as he likes doing anything (because I told him he was taking too long to type). Because he’s awesome. With a capital A (Awesome).

-Sean Gill

P.S. He also named this post in case you were wondering. My funny man.

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