Game Night

Gathering around a table with loved ones, sharing food, and making memories is one of my favorite ways to spend my evenings. Some of my most cherished moments are ones spent with family and friends surrounded by laughter and joy. And one of my favorite ways to spend time with my favorite people is by playing games.

We host game nights at our house on an almost weekly basis. We love the classics – Pictionary, Taboo, Uno, Monopoly, etc. But more than anything we love complex board games. We have a couple of friends who are board game aficionados that always bring over games we’ve never heard of. They usually have a bunch of rules, are very complicated, and require a lot of strategy and thinking. But once you get the hang of the rules, they are always a lot of fun. Some of our favorites are Coup, Codenames, Mysterium, etc. These games bring us closer together as we work to tackle the rules and become victorious in the end.

Tonight, we hosted another game night. One of our friends brought over a new game – Zombicide. It was an extremely complicated game and it took us a few rounds to really grasp the many rules. But before we knew it, we looked up and we had spent over six hours eating pizza, playing games, and sharing stories.

It was a lovely night spent with family and friends. The room was filled with laughter. Everyone left our home with hearts full of joy, bellies full of pizza, and grins from ear to ear. There is nothing better than sharing your life with the ones you love and it makes me happy when we can share something we love so much. So whether you surround yourselves with food, drinks, or your favorite pastime – I hope you make the time to gather around a table with your loved ones and share your lives, laughter, and love.

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