To The Pregnant Mama

Yesterday, my sister-in-law had an Easter egg hunt to reveal the gender of her baby. It was a fun time and I am so excited that she is having a bouncing baby boy! The whole day was lovely. It got me thinking about my sister-in-law and the amazing journey she is about to begin…

To the pregnant mamas out there,

Let’s be honest here – pregnancy can sometimes suck. Between the morning sickness, back pain, wild cravings, and constant worry, pregnancy can be hard. The lack of sleep, the heartburn and indigestion, and random strangers asking way too many personal questions can really start to take its toll. However, the moment you feel your baby kick for the first time is wonderful. Seeing your belly grow with this life inside of you is breathtaking. And hearing your baby’s heartbeat and watching your baby move around on the ultrasound is the absolute coolest thing you will ever see. When you buy your first little onesie, start planning your nursery, or celebrate this momentous occasion with an amazing baby shower, you feel the joy. When you find out whether that little one is a boy or a girl, you feel the excitement. Overall, the highlights of pregnancy far outweigh any negatives. It’s a beautiful journey.

And labor – labor is awe-inspiring. No matter what your plan is – natural, C-section, or all the drugs, this experience will be nothing short of miraculous. Your actual labor may not go at all as you planned and that’s okay. Mine sure didn’t. You may not get the drugs you wanted or you may end up needing a C-section. Labor is painful and scary, but also beautiful and awakening. No matter how it all goes, in the end everything will be okay. Because after all that pain and all those tears, you will end up with this tiny little human on your chest and all the love in your heart. And it will all be worth it.

So to all the pregnant mamas out there – embrace the ups and downs of this time. Cherish every little moment you have. Right now its just the two of you, all day every day, and there is nothing more beautiful than that.


A New Mama

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