Happy Easter!

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter! It was our first Easter with our son and we made great memories. Today we went to my husband’s sister’s house. She is currently pregnant and decided to do an Easter egg hunt to reveal her baby’s gender. It was a beautiful party and an exciting time! We hunted Easter eggs and Lincoln loved the experience.


Since it is also April Fool’s Day she decided to play a prank by not having the gender revealed in the egg hunt and instead spraying us with silly string with the color of the gender. However, we turned the prank around on her by having her silly string not work, and then spraying her with BLUE silly string! It was very exciting and a great time! I can’t wait for Lincoln to have a new little buddy to grow up and play with!

Overall, we had a great holiday! I hope you all did too!

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