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People relax in different ways. Some people like to have a glass of wine, some go for a run, and some take a bath. My favorite way to unwind at the end of a tough day is with a good book. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a deep love for reading. I read all kinds of books – historical, biographies, mysteries, young adult, self-help, parenting, romance, etc. I have a wide and varied interest and I am always looking for more. My husband likes to tease me because I have an always growing tower of books on my nightstand. Recently, I’ve found myself having less and less time to curl up with a book. Life gets busy and its hard to set aside that time. So I’ve started listening to audio books instead. I commute an hour and a half to and from work everyday so I have plenty of time to delve into stories and let my imagination take me away. I didn’t think I would like it, but I am really enjoying it so far. My love of reading continues to grow, regardless of what form it takes.

I believe this desire stems from my childhood. I have many memories of reading as a kid. I remember spending all of my free time laying in my bed, reading book after book. I was the child who brought out a reading lamp after lights out to keep reading their favorite story. Even back then, I loved books of all kinds. I remember reading Goosebumps, Tom Sawyer, Moby Dick, and Harry Potter. My mother also set a great example for me. My mom loves reading just like I do. When I was a kid I remember constantly seeing her with a book in her hands. This model encouraged me to do the same. So I read. I read and I read and I read.

I hope to continue this tradition with my son. I want to foster this love and desire for reading in him as well. For my baby shower, I requested that everyone bring a book that meant something to them. Whether it was one of their favorites or the topic had personal importance to them, I wanted a piece of each our loved ones in his nursery. I also asked each person to write a personal note to Lincoln in the book. It makes me happy that when I sit down to read him a story that he gets to see how many people cherish and love him. We read to our son all the time. We play with touch and feel books during playtime and try to teach him different animals and shapes. And we read him two stories every night before bed. Like most children, he loves anything Dr. Seuss and Goodnight Moon. But his absolute favorite right now is Little Blue Truck. He loves story time. When we sit down in the chair and I pick up a book, he starts smiling and kicking his feet. I think it’s one of his favorite times of day.

I hope it continues to be his favorite time of day. I hope his thirst for knowledge and his desire for reading keep expanding. I hope he reads all sorts of stories – even ones that don’t rhyme. And I really hope he continues to love reading with me.

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