Puppy Love

We have one dog – a German Shepherd/Husky mix named Sasha. She’s a beauty and the friendliest pup you’ll ever meet. She was our first baby. We adopted her back in 2012 and she has been with us through multiple cross-country moves, new houses, and now the addition of our baby boy.

She has been great through it all. Shortly after adopting her, we adopted our kitty Paisley. Following that, we got our lab mix Tank. Sasha has been best buddies with them both through the years. Earlier this year, our lab passed away from cancer. Sasha took it hard. She didn’t eat for two days, she shed a lot from anxiety, and she sat by the front door and waited for him to come back. It was an emotional time for our family and she missed him greatly. More recently, we decided to give our cat away as well. We gave her to my husband’s sister. Her husband absolutely loves Paisley and we’ve realized recently that we do not have the time to giver her the attention that she needs so we knew they could provide a better home for her.

I worried about Sasha adjusting with losing her two best friends. I thought she would struggle with the change. But in their absence, my dog has made a new best friend. My puppy and my baby have grown so close and I couldn’t be happier.

My son absolutely loves Sasha. He finds petting her fascinating, her tail is the most challenging toy, and he loves when she licks his hands. Neither of them realizes whose toys are whose so they share them all. My son has also recently learned how to feed her food so he tosses his puffs off his high chair and she loves it. It’s become his favorite game now! He loves her so much that he laughs and jumps for joy just at the sight of her!

I love that my son has this buddy to spend his days with. I look forward to watching them grow up alongside one another. I hope that he spends his time chasing her around the yard, trying to ride her like a pony, wrestling with her on the ground, and playing fetch at the lake. I want him to learn responsibility by making sure she’s fed, teaching her tricks, and taking her on walks through our woods.

I want him to have this best friend. I want her to love my son. I want them to grow up together. I want them to have this puppy love in their hearts and smiles on their faces. And I want them to cherish this time that they have together every day.

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