Life’s Problems

I would consider myself a Type-A type of gal. While that is not always a good thing, it has some benefits. I am organized, independent, attentive, intelligent, and a great multi-tasker. Oh, and did I mention logical? Oh boy, am I logical. I run on order and reasoning. I thrive in structure and plans. I need things to add up to make sense. What’s great about that is that if you think about it, everything in life does add up.

Below are some of the formulas that make up my day to day.

And they all make perfect sense.

Sweaty Workout + Long Hot Shower = Strength

Pedicure + Massage = Bliss

Chocolate + Wine = Pleasure

Board Games + Friends = Fun

Good Book + Hot Chocolate = Peace

Cuddles + Giggles with My Son = Joy

Kisses on Foreheads + Inside Jokes = Love

Home + Laughter = Happiness

Life + Writing = Truth

What are some of the formulas of your life? Leave them down below!

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