In Ten Years

Dear Future Me,

When I think of myself in ten years, when I think of what my life will look like, I picture the best. I picture a healthy, happy marriage with my husband. One that is full of laughter and kindness. One that involves constant communication and cooperation. I want constant teasing, kissing, and I hope my husband still grabs my behind from time to time. I want a marriage that embarrasses our children.

Speaking of children, I picture more. I see Lincoln all grown up, telling me about his day and helping his dad in the garage. I envision a little girl letting me braid her hair and following her older brother around hoping he’ll play with her. Maybe there’s even a third little one toddling along, chasing after the dog, and giggling as I pin him to the ground with tickles.

When I think of my future, I see all this and more. I hope my marriage is strong, my kids are happy, and life is everything I’ve always wanted. When I think of my career, I picture myself leading a team, conquering my everyday, and loving it. When I think of my home, I picture a beautiful home on beautiful land; a dream made real, built with our hearts, and full of happiness.

Most importantly, when I picture you, I hope that you’re strong. I hope that you’ve made it through the ups and downs life has surely thrown your way. I hope that you’re happy. I hope that you smile everyday and never forget to appreciate what you’ve been given. I hope that you’re healthy. I hope you’re taking care of yourself and making sure you’re living a long life so you can watch your children grow, learn, and become wonderful adults. And I hope that you’re in love. I hope that you and Sean have fostered your relationship and that you are still deeply in love with your husband.

When I think of the future, I picture all of these things for you. I picture a great life. I picture a happy life. I picture the best life. But more than that, I hope. I hope for you and I hope for all these things. Because the future is uncertain and that is the best we all can do.

I hope.

Photo credit: My awesome husband, Sean.

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