A Year in Words

I pick up my guitar and strum a few chords. It’s out of tune and dust scatters in the air. I dance around the living room with my son and I flash back to ballet flats and tap shoes. I’m driving and I see an advertisement on the side of the road for auditions at the local playhouse. I drive on by without a second glance.

I have always considered myself a creative person. I like to envision myself as an artistic type with all sorts of creative skills and pastimes. However, if I’m honest with myself and think about the kind of person I actually am and the life that I lead, I am not very creative at all.

While I used to play around on my guitar, I haven’t picked it up in years. I don’t dance anymore unless it’s to make my son laugh. I’ve always dreamed of acting on a stage one day, but that’s a blurry vision that seems so far out of reach. While I see these things in my past and maybe even in my future, they are not in my present.

However, despite all these tried and failed pursuits, there is one that I still hold close to my heart – my love of writing. I have always been an avid writer. Whether it be poetry, short stories, essays, and more – writing has always called to me. There is something about the written word… it’s hard to explain. Putting my thoughts and feelings down on paper (or computer screen), makes them feel real. It makes them make sense. I’ve always felt that I can explain myself better in writing and have used it time and again to do just that.

However, over the past couple years my writing has fallen to the wayside. I haven’t had the time to dedicate to it and so it took a backseat to other priorities in my life. Now as I start to regain my footing and restore some balance to my days, it is something I want to pursue. I’ve learned since becoming a mother that taking care of my self is important. If I don’t take care of myself, how can I take proper care of my son? So to do just that, I am prioritizing something I love – writing – and dedicating time every day to focus on it.

And that is why this A Year in Words is so important to me. As I strive to write and post on here every day for the next 365 days, I hope to learn a lot about myself and my skills as a writer. And I hope you follow along; maybe you’ll learn something too.

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