I Smile

It has been a rough couple of months. I will be honest and say that I do not like change. Who really does though? But I, more than others, do not handle it well. As a child, I was constantly on the move. A child of divorce, I bounced from house to house and from school to school. When my mother remarried a military man, I was on the move again. This constant change taught me to be an adaptive young lady. I learned to be charismatic and make friends easily. I learned how to embrace these changes and look at them as fun, new opportunities for growth.

I still hold those same traits but I do not maintain that same outlook. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed an aversion to change. I’ve become quite content with my life and it makes me nervous when things I love start to change. But I’m starting to realize that while experience has showed me that change isn’t always great, it has also showed me that it can be the best. So while I’m hesitant to embrace these changes, I am trying to connect with the younger version of me that saw them as fun and new and a chance to grow.

So while we move to a new state, buy a new house, start new jobs, and raise our new baby – I smile. I smile at the excitement in my husband’s eyes as he walks our new property. I smile at my co-workers as we introduce ourselves. I smile as I drive the beautiful roads of Virginia. And I smile as my son giggles and reaches out for me.

I smile as I realize these changes are good.

I smile as I realize these changes are great.

I smile.

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