Luck of the Irish

History is important. The past holds a lot of answers. Knowing where you come from can reveal a lot about who you are. My ancestry has always been a mystery to me. I had a vague idea of some of the far off places my relatives came from. I know I have family that hail from various countries in Europe. However, it was more of a vague notion, not a concrete idea. This lack of knowing has always bothered me and I longed to know more.

So I started asking around. Some members of my family narrowed down the pool of possibilities. My father’s sister had dug into our ancestry on that side of my family and discovered a lot. I learned I was related to Lady Godiva and George Rogers Clark. I learned I was primarily English and Irish and my family had been settled in Ohio for many many years. These revelations only fanned the fire that had formed in the pit of my stomach. I needed to know more.

I spoke to my mom and she revealed very little. She knew that her mother’s family hailed from Germany and had landed in the United States long ago. Aside from that, she didn’t know much. She longed to know more information about her ancestry too. This conversation sparked the fire in her as well. She is currently researching our family history and I can’t wait to see what she unearths.

My husband knew that this desire to know more was constantly lurking in the back of my mind. He wanted to help me get the satisfaction that I longed for. So for Christmas this year, he bought me the 23andMe kit. This kit will reveal any ancestral landmarks in my DNA and finally answer that gnawing question of mine.

I had forgotten about the kit. Despite my longing to know, life got busy and it fell to the wayside. And then today rolled around. Saint Patrick’s Day always makes me think of my family. I know some of my ancestry is from Ireland and this holiday just reminds me that I need to know more.

So on this green holiday, I will spit into a tube and send it off to a lab. And I will anticipate my results with bated breath. And I will hope that I have the luck of the Irish on my side.

Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone!

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