It is now officially my due date everyone! And I am still pregnant…

One thing that this pregnancy has taught me is patience. Ironically, for something that is growing inside of me – it is amazing how little control I actually have. It’s frustrating to feel like your body is no longer your own and you have become an incubator for this little human growing inside of you.

This entire pregnancy has been a waiting game.

First, when trying to get pregnant you spend every month waiting to see if that test will come back positive, if those “symptoms” you have been feeling are because you’re pregnant or if your brain is tricking you because you want to be pregnant so badly.

Then, once you’re pregnant it’s a waiting game of deadlines and milestones. You’re waiting to see if you make it to that coveted 12 week mark so you can feel a little more secure in your pregnancy. You’re waiting to find out what the gender is. You’re waiting for countless test results to come back and reassure you that you are okay. You’re just waiting, waiting, waiting.

Finally, you get to this point. I spend every day waiting to see if this will be the day where our little boy will finally make his grand entrance into the world. It reminds me of when I was trying to get pregnant. Back then, I spent every day analyzing how I felt and wondering if the symptoms I was feeling were because I was finally pregnant. Now, I spend every day wondering if what I am feeling is a sign that labor is imminent.

All I do is wait. Wait, wait, wait.

So tell me: how did you handle this feeling of helplessness? How did you distract yourself from the waiting game? Any advice is appreciated!