This has been a crazy week everyone! I had high hopes for the blog and YouTube channel this past week, but we just had so much going on. My husband’s little brother graduated from high school so we had a little party for him and we had a family reunion. We also went fishing this weekend together. Here are a few pictures from this weekend! I was really rocking that belly in my bikini!

One idea that has been floating around in my head is to start doing a weekly wrap up on the blog. I still plan on blogging important events and ideas, but from the very beginning I have always wanted this site to be a journal of sorts so I think this will be a good way to accomplish that! Let me know what you all think down below!

This week I’ve been reading this book. This book is one from my book club and it was a fantastic choice. I have never felt more inspired to not only write, but to pursue all aspects of my creativity. I have a lot of creative dreams and aspirations that I always say I will do and then life gets in the way. I want to act, I want to dance, I want to write, I want to do so many things. This book is a great resource for writers and creative people alike. Highly recommend!

Speaking of writing, one item I’ve been wanting to buy for a while is one of those questions a day journals. I did an embarrassing amount of research into this and finally I bought this one. The questions are very thought-provoking and I hope this is something I can actually stick with and look back on down the road.

Guys, I’ve recently become obsessed with Big Brother. I used to watch it with my family when I was younger but I lost interest over the years. I watched it last year and now I am watching it again this season. I don’t know what it is about this season, but I am just loving it. If you’re a fan – let me know who you’re rooting for down below. I’m #TeamPaul all the way!

I purchased this a couple weeks ago and I am in love. If you are looking for a great face mask, give this one a shot! My skin has never felt so soft or been so clear.

What I’m loving right now – my husband. This seems obvious but if you have ever been in a long relationship then you’ll know that day-to-day you get into a routine and don’t typically pause to think about it. In these last few weeks of pregnancy, he has been extremely attentive and supportive. We just had a week off together over the holiday and it was amazing to catch up and reconnect with one another before this baby turns our world upside down.

What I’m hating right now – how there is not enough maternity clothes for summer that are actually cute/comfortable. Everything in stores is ugly and makes me look HUGE or makes me sweat more than I am already am. That “pregnancy glow”, am I right? If anyone has any recommendations for places to find some better options, please let me know!

My husband bought a new camera this week and wanted to do a little maternity photo shoot. I have not been the biggest fan of having my picture taken while pregnant but I just love how these turned out!

One goal I have is to try “vlogging” more. I don’t think our lives are interesting enough for a daily video, but I like more casual YouTube videos and would like to start recording more snippets of our day-to-day life and uploading a weekly vlog. If I start doing that, I’ll include it in these weekly wrap ups. Let me know if you like this idea and I’ll get started on it.

Hope you all had a great week and a great 4th of July holiday!