FullSizeRender (3)Happy 4th of July everyone! To me, Independence Day is a true sign of summer. With all of the cookouts, swimming, and fireworks – nothing screams summer more than this day. It is a day where friends and family across the country come together to celebrate what makes this country great.

4th of July is a day to celebrate America’s freedom from Great Britain and to recognize the day that America truly became this great country. Despite your political alignments and beliefs, the fact that we all have the freedom to express those desires and voice our opinions is something that we can easily take for granted.

This day represents patriotism and pride in our nation, something that I have always held dear. However since I’ve joined the military, this day really resonates with me and hits close to home. So while you enjoy your hot dogs and watch those fireworks displays, take a moment to really reflect on what this day means.

Have a great Independence Day everyone!

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Photo Courtesy of Matt Cribb. Instagram – @cribb488!

Also – if you’re searching for a little bit of history, I recommend reading this book! While not about Independence Day itself, it does tell a bit of the story leading up to that historic day.

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George Washington’s Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger is a book from my reading list. It is a nonfiction novel that tells the story of George Washington’s Culper Ring during the American Revolution.

This story did take me a while to read simply because it was nonfiction. However, it is very well-written and engaging and tells a unique and not well-known story of the beginning stages of America’s intelligence and covert operations. It is a perfect read if you’re feeling patriotic this 4th of July!

So how are you celebrating this holiday? Have you read this book? Let me know down in the comments!