We have tried gardening before. We gave it a go when we lived out in California. However, trying to garden in the midst of a drought and water restrictions isn’t easy so we saw our attempts shrivel up before our eyes.

Still, I believe gardening is good for the soul. The feeling of the dirt in your hands and the joy of seeing your hard work come to fruition is unparalleled. So this year, we decided to give it a shot again.

Now that we are living on the East Coast, we decided it was time to give it another go! We do rent our home and we do not have a lot of room, so we decided to go with a couple raised beds, some potted herbs, and a small flower bed in the front yard.


For the raised beds, we decided to DIY it since it was more cost efficient for us. Additionally, we spent a weekend together making them which was a great memory that we got to share! However, you can order some great ones online if you’d like!

I’ll be honest here – my husband did most of the work. But I helped! 🙂 We made two 8X4 beds, but you could do whatever size works best for the area that you have available for your garden. We supported the corners with 2X4s as well. This weekend we will also be adding chicken wire around it – stay tuned for more on that!

We then planted an array of vegetables. First, find out what zone you are in so you know when the best time to plant different vegetables is for your area. This is a great resource for that. They also provide tips and tricks for beginners and lots of information on everything you could ever hope to plant!


We decided to plant quite a few different veggies. In one raised bed, we sowed a row of sweet corn, lettuce, spinach, brussel sprouts, and green onions. In the other, we decided on a row of sweet corn, lettuce, cabbage, green beans, and carrots. We also potted some peppers and tomatoes and transplanted them into the raised beds. Finally, we potted some basil and cilantro and planted marigolds in the front yard.

I highly recommend getting strong, nutrient-rich soil and using mulch or something similar. Raised beds are notorious for not retaining moisture so you want to do everything you can to make sure your plants are staying hydrated.

Gardening can be a tricky business and it is not for the faint of heart! We have had our triumphs and we have also had many struggles with our garden so far. I’m sure there are only more to come throughout the summer as we wait to harvest our rewards! I’m going to be talking about the ups and downs of gardening in a later post, but follow me over on Instagram @thegrumpygills, if you want to stay up to date on our garden, among other things!

We are definitely beginners over here, so if you have any tips, tricks, or advice – please leave a comment down below! I would love to learn more!