Dear Baby Gill,

Yesterday I celebrated my first Mother’s Day as an expectant mother-to-be. Many friends and family members wished me a Happy Mother’s Day and your daddy marveled at my belly and talked about how he couldn’t wait until next year when we’re celebrating this day with you in our arms. I looked down at my ever-growing stomach and felt your excitement as you jammed your foot into my ribs for the thousandth time that morning.

It amazes me how much I can love someone who I haven’t even met yet. We have a routine, you and me. I know that if I eat chocolate you will jump for joy. I know that every night when I lay down for bed, that you decide it is time to wake up. I know that you don’t like when daddy lays on my belly and that you will respond my kicking him in the face. I know you so well already and I can’t wait to meet you and get to know you even more.

I wanted to write you this letter today to let you know how much I’m looking forward to meeting you in just a couple short months. We’re getting your room ready and buying you everything you could ever need or want. Your daddy is buying you so many toys and books and can’t wait to spoil you. I can’t wait to cuddle you and feed you and show you this beautiful world that we live in.

I can’t promise you that I’ll be a perfect mother. I can’t promise you that I won’t make many mistakes. But what I can promise you is this…

I can promise that I will try my hardest and do my best to be a good mom everyday. I can promise that when I make mistakes, I will teach you how to own up to those mistakes and how to apologize like you mean it. I can promise to show you how to appreciate the little things in life and how to see the beauty in the world that surrounds you. I can promise to hold you tight, to kiss you even when you grow up and tell me I have cooties, and to teach you how to love deeply and unconditionally.

You have so much personality already and you’re constantly making me laugh. I love feeling like I have my best buddy riding through life with me every day. I love you so much more than I could even describe here. I’m trying to cherish these last couple months where I can protect you, where I can hold you safe and sound inside of me. But I cannot wait to meet you little one.

10 more weeks baby boy!