Confronting oneself can be one of the hardest conversations someone can ever have. We all have our personal flaws and issues, but it can be difficult to admit those to yourself. This is something I, like many, have struggled with my entire life. I can’t even begin to count the number of conversations I have had with my husband where I am essentially tackling the battle within myself.

I am a Type-A personality through and through. I am a control freak, a perfectionist, and a little obsessive. While these traits of mine can sometimes be a major asset, they can also be an obstacle to leading a content, full, and happy life. While this is a hindrance that I am aware of, I still find myself having to sit down and have this conversation time and time again.

I must remind myself that it’s okay to not be perfect all the time; it’s okay to not always have it together; and it’s okay to not always be where you want to be in life. Life is a constant balancing act and it’s normal to feel like you’re not giving it your all, all the time.

I constantly feel so much pressure (most of which I put on myself) to be the perfect wife, friend, employee, daughter, sibling, and soon to be mom. However, when you put those expectations on yourself, you can’t help but fail. Nobody can be the perfect everything all the time and we shouldn’t be expected to be. 

My husband is a wonderful reminder when I’m starting to feel overwhelmed by life that I can’t be it all. He is constantly reassuring me that I am doing better than I believe I am and that my “failures” are usually all in my head.

So, the next time you’re feeling inadequate, remind yourself that it’s okay to not be okay, it’s okay to just be okay, and it’s okay to be more than okay. Simply tell yourself: it will all be okay.