Pregnancy. It’s a beautiful, magical journey. Our bodies do amazing things and we are creating a whole other life. I’m going to do a whole post soon about these wonders of pregnancy and how I have felt throughout this journey so far; however, today is going to be a little bit more of a humorous look at some of the downsides of growing a baby!

We have all seen the movies that poke fun at some of the more well-known side effects of pregnancy such as morning sickness, fatigue, etc. Additionally, we have all heard the horror stories from women in our lives who have been pregnant before about food cravings, swollen feet, and more. However, there were a lot of symptoms in the first two trimesters that nobody warned me about and that really effected my life. So, today I wanted to talk about the top ten side effects that I wish I had known about!

#1: Itchy Skin

I had many women and even my doctor warn me about my skin itching. However, I was only warned about my belly getting bigger and bigger and itching! As your body grows and your skin stretches, it is very important to keep your skin moisturized or else your skin will itch like crazy! Yet, my stomach has not been itchy at all! What I have had issues with is my legs! The back of my legs, especially behind my knees, has been so irritated that I have scratched it to the point of breaking open my skin and veins. I’ve had to deal with scabs and discomfort. Even worse, it usually happens at night when I am trying to sleep!

#2: Peeing Your Pants

We all know that pregnancy makes you pee more. The movies all make jokes about peeing a little bit when you sneeze, cough, laugh, etc. That’s why those Kegel exercises are so important ladies! What nobody warned me about is legitimately peeing my pants! I was prepared for the little bit of peeing when I sneezed and things like that, however I was not prepared for this. It is so extremely difficult to control your bladder when a baby is laying on top of it!

An embarrassing story of this just happened to me a couple weeks ago! The husband and I went to a friend’s house for a game night. While playing the game, one of our friends was making me laugh a lot. The next thing I know, I am running to the bathroom! But, you see where this is going, I was too late! Thankfully, one of our friends had just recently had a baby so she understood my pain, was super supportive, and gave me some clothes to change into. However, talk about embarrassing! I guess we’ll have to start carrying some extra clothes in the car just in case! Preparing for life with children early!

#3: Lack of appetite

Crazy cravings, morning sickness, nausea – these are all very common and well-known pregnancy symptoms. I have experienced these side effects at various times over the past six months. However, I was surprised by my lack of appetite. I thought once I got past the morning sickness phase that I would enter the “eating for two” phase. However, that has not been the case for me. I went through a period of about a month and a half where I just had zero appetite. It wasn’t that I was nauseated by food like in my first trimester, it was just that nothing sounded appealing. I didn’t want anything! I am just now starting to move past that and now I just eat constantly!

#4: Changes in taste

Another change I experienced in my appetite was a change in my taste of foods. Again, we all hear about pregnant women craving weird foods and eating things like pickles and peanut butter. We also know that many women experience sever aversions to certain foods, especially in the first trimester. Mine was meat in case you were wondering! However, I was most surprised by the less drastic changes in my tastes. These more drastic changes tend to go away as your pregnancy progresses. However, the more minor changes have lasted through the months so far. These are small things like my taste for chocolate. Prior to becoming pregnant, I craved/ate chocolate almost every single day. However, since becoming pregnant I rarely eat it. It’s not that I have an aversion to it. It still tastes good and I still want it occasionally, but not even remotely on the same level of desperation or frequency that I used to. It’s strange!

#5: Breathlessness

This one has been a real bugger throughout my pregnancy! It started early in my pregnancy and has progressively worsened as the months go by. I assumed that once my stomach was huge and all my internal organs were crushed that I would struggle with this. However, it started as early as 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. I had barely found out I was pregnant, yet I felt like I was dying just from walking up one flight of stairs!

#6: Hip Issues

This is a more recent one now that my belly is really starting to expand and my body is adjusting to accommodate my growing boy! I have always had hip issues because I am secretly a little old lady trapped in a twenty-three-year old’s body. However, now that my pelvis has been moving around and whatnot, my hips feel like they need replaced! I must start embracing the pregnancy waddle!

#7: Skin Issues

I’ve already talked about itchy skin, but this is about the myth that is the “pregnancy glow”. This does not exist. It is a lie made up by the baby industry to make us moms feel better about ourselves. IT’S ALL A LIE! Instead of a glow, I’ve watched my skin become pale and drab looking; I constantly look like I haven’t slept in weeks; and I have reverted to my high school days covering up zits like a pro! Don’t believe the lies people.

#8: Round Ligament Pain

All you pregnant ladies and mommas know what I’m talking about here! This is a somewhat terrifying symptom that nobody thought to warn me about! Round ligament pain is caused by the uterus stretching and growing. That’s all fine and great, but it can feel similar to cramping and can be kind of painful at times. That’s a scary feeling, even more so earlier on in your pregnancy when you are especially worried about the risk of miscarrying. If you’re experiencing any cramping/pain, please get checked out! It may just be round ligament pain, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

#9: Constipation

This one is kind of gross so I won’t go into detail. However, it is something you should be aware of. Nobody told me – probably because they didn’t want to talk about it. But it’s a common issue! I was on medication for it for a while during my first trimester because it got so bad that I was having debilitating back pain and could not get out of bed. I have never had this issue prior to being pregnant, but I feel so sorry for anyone who experiences this often!


Okay, so this one isn’t necessarily a “symptom” or “side effect”. Also, it is great to feel your little one moving around and it’s also a constant reassurance that everything is going well in there. HOWEVER, what nobody warned me about was how WEIRD it would feel. Everyone talks about how amazing it is to feel the kicks (and it is), but it is also strange! There is a human being moving around inside of your stomach. Just take a second to think about that…

Did you think about it? Did you realize how crazy of a concept that is? It blows my mind that I will be at work and will feel like an alien has invaded my body, yet will continue having a conversation like I don’t feel it happening. I am expected to continue throughout my daily life like normal while it feels like my son is practicing becoming the next Olympic Gold gymnast!

There are many more side effects and symptoms that I won’t even begin to get into here. However, they are all worth it to be performing this literal miracle and growing a piece of my husband and I inside my belly. The fact that in less than a year, you can literally create another human being will never cease to amaze me.

Are you guys experiencing these symptoms? Were you surprised by them? Are there other side effects that you weren’t expecting? Let me know in the comments below!