Ahh, spring. Spring season is upon us and that makes most people think of sunshine, rain, flowers blooming, and birds chirping. So imagine my surprise to wake up to a snow day at the Gill household today! We’re not quite out of the woods of winter yet, and today really made that clear.

It’s officially springtime and spring symbolizes change to me. Spring means a fresh start, a blank slate so to speak. For me, waking up to a fresh blanket of white, clean snow embodied that ideal as well. The crisp air awakened me and the white landscape brightened my day. The flurries falling set a beautiful background to my day and it really allowed me to think about the contrast of the season and what was going on outside my window. Not to mention – my animals loved it!

I love days like today too. They are so unexpected and out of the ordinary. Whenever I am forced to break away from the routine, it refreshes my mind. I thought a lot about change today and how I need to learn to embrace it. The unexpected can be a blessing and I think that is something we are all quick to forget. I know this is something I struggle with constantly. But, this year has been dubbed The Year of Change, and I hope that today was a sign of more change to come.

So while it may be snowing outside, do not fret – spring is right around the corner!