As we grow older, we tend to learn a lot about ourselves and we learn to embrace who we truly are. While I am still struggling to accept myself in all facets of life, one area I have recently tackled is my wardrobe. Style is a vital part of one’s appearance. Despite what some may believe, I wholeheartedly believe that appearances do matter and that first impressions make a lasting impact on how others view you. Therefore, learning what your personal style means to you and how to best implement that into your day-to-day wardrobe is a big step.

I’ve always known what my personal style is; I’ve just never fully embraced it. I’ve fought against it and have tried to branch out from it throughout my entire life. I do believe it is good to always try new styles and trends because you never know what you will like and want to incorporate into your personal wardrobe. However, I think you should implement these new trends into your personal style in a way that complements it. I was never good at this growing up.

I’ve always been more of a “tomboy”. I’ve always rocked the t-shirt and jeans combo. I’ve always gravitated to more plain looking pieces, solid colors, stripes, etc. However, I’ve always been more on the petite side, so family and friends thought I should be embracing that by wearing skirts and form fitting clothing – items that highlighted my femininity and size. I was constantly being told growing up, “If I was your size…”, or “If I had your body…” etc. It always made me feel inadequate and less than. The comments that my friends and family were constantly throwing at me made me feel as if I should be dressing more “girly” and being more adventurous with my wardrobe by wearing bright colors and exciting patterns.

But that wasn’t me and still isn’t. I was buying clothes that I would wear once, if that. It was a huge waste of money and it was making me feel self-conscious. I was wearing things that I didn’t feel comfortable in and hating myself for it. Just recently, within the past year, I fully embraced what I’ve known all along. It took me 20+ years to finally come to terms with this fact, but here I am.

As for my personal style now, I would consider it very simplistic. I’m back to rocking the t-shirt and jeans combo most days. Although, I do favor dresses in the warmer months sometimes! I still enjoy simple designs. I wear a lot of solid colored pieces or simple patterns, such as stripes or polka dots. I wear a lot of the same color scheme nowadays too. Cooler colors are the most appealing to me – blues, purples, greens, etc. I favor whites, blacks, and grays most days too. Additionally, I rarely wear a lot of accessories and the accessories I do wear are very simple. Finally, I go for a more natural look. I wear minimal makeup day-to-day, if any at all.

While my personal style may sound boring to many, it works for me. It isn’t rare to see me wearing a plain white t-shirt, jeans, and maybe a cardigan on most days! So embrace your personal style, wear what makes you feel comfortable, and know that you are beautiful!

P.S. – I’ll be doing a post soon on transitioning to spring and my style essentials as the weather begins to change! Keep an eye out!