An Update

I originally started my A Year In Words challenge with the best intentions. I hoped that writing a blog post every day would motivate and inspire my writing. I hoped that it would challenge me as a writer to share something daily. However, that turned out to not necessarily be the case. I found myself posting every day. But, I was not always writing about things I enjoyed. I wasn't putting as much time and effort into all of my posts as I wanted. I found myself sacrificing time with my family, my sleep, and my sanity trying to ensure I wrote something every day. These sacrifices were not worth it to me.

Memorial Day

So, while you cookout, swim, and spend time with your friends and family today - don't forget the ones who can't. Don't forget who this day is really for and what this holiday really means.

I Think I Can

I never thought I would be a good mom. When I was younger, I wasn't sure I even wanted to be a mother. But becoming Mom has been the best thing to ever happen to me. I love spending time with my son. I love playing with him, making him laugh, and cuddling with him every day. I enjoy watching him grow, learn, and develop into a tiny little human being. Becoming a mom has taught me a lot about myself and I am constantly learning new things every day. My journey as a mother has been full of self-doubt. I have questioned every decision I've made. I've hesitated at every obstacle along the way. But, I keep pushing forward. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

My Favorite Time of Day

This is my favorite time of day. I spend my hours at work longing for this moment. Every minute that my little boy is not in my arms is agonizing. As I drive home on my commute every afternoon - I anticipate that smile, those eyes, that laugh.

Summer Garden

This garden will be the highlight of our summer. It will give us the nourishment we need. It will be the centerpiece of our table as we gather with family and friends. It will be a place for us to work, to dig our hands into the soil, and to truly connect with nature and it's resources.

Words To Live By

I love inspirational quotes. I don't know what it is about the written word that speaks to me, but it does. It's the only way that I feel truly understood. Whenever I'm going through a rough time in my life, quotes like these help me to power through.

It’s Raining Babies

Today was the day! After weeks of chaotic planning and prepping, we finally hosted my sister-in-law's baby shower! We all arrived at her house early this morning with cars full of goodies, ready to work. We spent the next three hours cleaning, cooking, and decorating. But it was worth it.

Maternity Pictures

I am constantly reminded of my own pregnancy just one short year ago. That got me thinking about the pictures my husband took of me one afternoon when I was pregnant. I was about to pop any day now in these pictures and was not in the mood for pictures at all. But my husband insisted that we'd want to look back and remember that time, and I'm so glad he did.

A Letter to the New Mom

So, try to focus on the good more than the bad. I know that is easier said than done, but try. Because I promise that these times won't last. Revel in your little one's coos and giggles. Enjoy your baby's first smile and the feeling of their little hand wrapped around yours. Memorize it all. Take pictures. Record videos. Save it all to your memories. Because you will wake up one day and realize how much time has passed so quickly. And I promise that you will miss those early days. Despite the screams, the cries, and all of the bad days, you will miss it all.

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